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Do you have a tendency to see romance in everything from people to nature and most things in between? This group might be for you. But it is NOT a group for people who are trying to find love and or sex. Sorry.

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Do you have a tendency to look for the romance in everything from people to nature and all things in between? Do you wish every day could have a hint of romance, mystery, and adventure?

This group is for sharing news, articles, videos, books, music, movies, travel, nature, animals, photos, poetry, food, home & garden, fashion, etc.-- bascially anything that says "romance" in a universal or personal way. The list is probably endless...but ask yourself if there is something "romantic" about your article.

What this group is NOT is an onine "dating" service. It's also not a place to sit around and talk about sex or show raunchy images. Seriously. I wanted to make that plain and simple. :-)

Remember, if your post, article, or commnet doesn't seem appropriate for the group, it will be deleted. And please, don't post or clip your stories to this group and ALSO to groups such as "gutter girls", "attention whores", "sex vine", etc. Those groups can be a lot of fun but I don't want anyone to misunderstand what this group is about. It may seem rediculous to even bring it up, but from previous experience, I feel the need to stress that.

CoH always applies.

I hope you'll join or just stop by every now and then. But either way, have lots of fun in learning and sharing.


Darrah (Created 2 / 5 / 11)